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Get Gorgeous, Get Skilled:
Book Your Ultimate Makeup Class Experience!

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What I Offer...

Are you ready...

To transform the way  you approach makeup? Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics, or a makeup enthusiast eager to explore new styles, my makeup classes are designed just for you!

Personalized Makeup Classes

The makeup classes I offer are perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their beauty skills. You can book sessions for individual learning or turn it into a fun group experience with friends or family. Enjoy a personalized session where you can learn anything from lashes and brows, to everyday looks, to glamorous evening makeup. Your class will be personalized to the skills you want to learn specifically. 

Flexible Learning Modes

  • Virtual Classes: Join from anywhere! My virtual makeup classes provide you with the same personalized experience right from the comforts of your home.

  • In-Person Classes: If hands-on learning is what you prefer, then book an in-person session and immerse yourself in the art of makeup with direct guidance and feedback.

Tailored for All Skill Levels

No matter your skill level, my classes are tailored to meet your needs. I take it slow and ensure that you leave your sessions feeling confident and empowered to replicate the skills you just learned.

"Pro On The Go" Makeup Shopping Service

Ever find yourself overwhelmed and uncertain while makeup shopping? Add-on our exclusive 'Pro On The Go' service to your class. We’ll accompany you via Zoom or Video chat to your nearest makeup store.

Get real-time advice from a pro as you shop, ensuring you pick the right products to create your personalized makeup kit.


Why Choose Me?

Expert Guidance: Learn from an experienced makeup professional who is passionate about teaching and empowering others.

Wearable Skills: Skills you learn are practical, versatile, and tailored to enhance your personal style.

Interactive and Fun: Our sessions are designed to be engaging and enjoyable – perfect for a girls day or for honing a hobby into a skilled passion.

How It Works!

Choose Your Class Type: Select from virtual or in-person options.

Pick a Date: Schedule a time that works best for you or your group.

Customize Your Experience: Decide if you want a personal session, a group session, or if you want to add the 'Pro On The Go' service.

Book and Enjoy: Secure your spot and get ready to dive into the world of makeup with us!

Elevate your beauty routine with my expert-led makeup classes. Spark your creativity, learn new techniques, and start defining your makeup style today!

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